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Norton's tow squad is well known for our superior relocation services. nortons is currently hired and contracted by many major area paving contractors who do work for the city of Philadelphia.

relocation is when vehicles are parked in the way of pavers and the operators are no where around well them vehicles need to be moved out of the way of pavers and road service workers. nortons are contracted to tow vehicles to a safe location close to where it was towed from free of charge to the property owner nortons are paid a low hourly rate per truck by the paving companies.  we log every vehicles: condition, location, where it was and where it was moved to and we provide a copy to the paving co and the local police station in case someone tries to report there vehicle stolen and we also keep a copy for our records.

norton's tow squad are currently contracted and can be highly recommended by:

Tony Depaul And Sons contractors

Anderson Construction 

Rob's Automotive Center And Towing

If your a contractor in need of this service please contact charlie norton @ 215-842-3233 for pricing